Technology, innovation and multidisciplinarity


Control of remediation interventions through multidisciplinary approaches:

  • Chemical analyzes for the evaluation of the progress of the remediation processes
  • Biomolecular analyzes for the evaluation of the effectiveness of biodegradation processes
  • Update of the Conceptual Model of the Site based on the progress of the remediation processes

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Sustainable remediation processes and technologies:

  • Site-specific biostimulation of contaminated sites' microorganisms
  • Chemical-physical-biological processes for complex contaminations
  • Proprietary patented technologies

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Design and Implementation

Remediation interventions from the treatability study to the pilot scale:

  • Integrated characterization
  • Microcosm Studies
  • Scale-up in pilot sites
  • Full scale application

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  • Setting up the Characterization Plan
  • Advanced conceptual models to support remediation interventions
  • Preliminary assessment of the chemical and / or biological remediation for contaminated sites
  • Comparative screening of possible remediation strategies
  • Design and management of pilot tests

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  • Definition of advanced conceptual models to support remediation interventions.

  • High technology consultancy combined with specific products.

  • Design and implementation of pilot plants in the laboratory and in the field.

  • Design and implementation of in situ environmental remediation.

  • Remediation monitoring.

  • Process development and design of contaminated water and waste treatment plants.

Trireme is a partner capable of identifying the best technological solutions to act on contaminated sites and manage all the remediation phases through the development and application of innovative methodologies.